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If at any time you have questions or concerns about the quality of your water, or would like to receive a paper copy of the CCR, please contact the Water and Wastewater Division at (512) 332-8960.


In 1996, Congress amended the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).  Among other things, this amendment added a provision requiring that all community water systems deliver to their customers a brief water quality report annually.  These reports, also known as “Consumer Confidence Reports” (CCR) summarize information that our water system already collects to comply with regulations.

 The EPA requires us to “mail or otherwise directly deliver” one annual water quality report to our consumers by July 1st of each year.  These reports are based on calendar-year data for the previous year.  In other words, the report you will receive by July 1st  will contain data collected between January 1st and December 31st of the previous year.

Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires water systems to test for up to 97 contaminants, please note that not ALL potential contaminants are tested for annually.  Testing frequency is based upon our permit requirements, issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  (TCEQ).

As of January 3, 2013, in recognition of the great increase in the communication tools available to Community Water Systems to deliver CCR’s to our customers, the EPA clarified requirements of the Consumer Confidence Report Rule associated with delivery of the CCR and concluded that electronic delivery is an approach that can promote the open exchange of information between Community Water Systems and consumers consistent with Congressional intent and the 1998 rule.

This means that you may receive an insert or notice with your water utility bill providing you with a direct link (URL) to our annual water quality report (CCR) on the City’s website instead of the paper copy that is mailed out. This paperless delivery method is not only better for our environment, it will save valuable tax dollars that is normally spent on paper, printer ink, personnel and postage.

Please click on a link below to access the Water Quality Report for the year listed. 

2016 Consumer Confidence Report

2017 Consumer Confidence Report

2018 Consumer Confidence Report

2019 Consumer Confidence Report

2020 Consumer Confidence Report

2021 Consumer Confidence Report

2022 Consumer Confidence Report

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