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The future of our water supply is in our hands.  Together, we can conserve water for generations to come.

According to the Texas Water Development Board, "Based on the current population projections in the 2007 State Water Plan, if a drought were to occur in 2060, at least some of the water demand for about 85% of the municipal demand would not be satisfied by current water sources."

How plentiful is our water supply? 

Since the earth's surface is over 70% water, water seems abundant; but less than 2% of this water is available for human use.  Our water sources have always been finite.  As the human population continues to grow, we are simply using this precious resource too quickly.

Did you know that we drink very little of our drinking water?  Generally speaking, less than 1% of the treated water produced by water utilities is actually consumed.  The rest goes on lawns, in washing machines, and down toilets and drains.

The more efficient use of our water resources through water conservation and reuse holds a real potential to preserve limited water supplies and to save real money.

The Mission of the City of Bastrop is to continuously strive to provide innovative and proactive services that enhance our authentic way of life to achieve our vision.