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Fairview Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery is located at 1409 HWY 95 N in Bastrop, TX, just North of Loop 150 (Chestnut St). For locating or purchasing spaces at Fairview Cemetery, please contact the City of Bastrop Finance Department at 512-332-8820.

Cemetery Fees

Prices effective October 1, 2020

Cost to Purchase one (1) cemetery plot
City of Bastrop Residents  $1,500
Non-Residents  $3,500
 Filing Fee  $30
 Permit Fee  $25


Memorial Tree Program

The donation to the Memorial Tree Program is $650.00.  This includes on 30 gallon tree, a 4" X 8" memorial plaque and 2 years maintenance while the tree is getting established.  See the pamphlet for more details.



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