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Calling 811 for line locates is free and can help prevent undesired consequences. 


Whether you are planting a tree or installing a fence, here are some things you need to know before you dig. 

Every digging job requires a call.  The depth of utility lines varies and digging without proper locate marks can damage underground utilities resulting in disruption of your service or the service of your entire neighborhood. 

Hitting or damaging a line could also harm you and those around you and potentially result in fines and hefty repair costs.

Below is a list of Tips for the Excavator:

For ALL Excavations

  • Call 811 at least 48 hours in advance before digging.
  • Do NOT call more than 14 days prior to start of job.
  • Provide the start date/time and estimated duration of project.

  • Wait 48 hours before digging, even if all facilities in area are marked.

  • Request relocates if locate marks are destroyed or unclear.

  • If you damage a buried facility:

        a)  Notify the facility operator.

        b)  Notify Texas 811 of damage.  (Call 811 and give original ticket #)

        c)  Do NOT attempt to repair a damaged facility line.

        d)  Do not backfill the immediate area of damage until the facility 
             operator gives approval.


                                                        * Texas Utilities Code Title 5, Chapter 251


Near Gas and Hazardous Liquid Pipelines 

  • If necessary, white-line the work area or request an on-site meeting.

  • One-call ticket MUST be on-site or be accessible within 1 hour.

  • One-call ticket expires after 14 working days.

  • Assess the work site and look for evidence of unmarked pipelines.
    If pipelines are NOT marked or cleared, submit a 2nd request for locates.

  • Exercise “such reasonable care as may be necessary to prevent damage” at or near the area of the markings and within a minimum of 18 inches either side of the pipeline.

  • If you damage a pipeline or pipeline operator does not provide a positive response within 48 hours or within 4 hours of 2nd notice, notify Texas 811 immediately and follow damage reporting procedures and protocol found online at within ten days of occurrence.


* 16 TAC Chapter 18


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