This page covers the sign regulations and application process for all signage within the City of Bastrop sign jurisdiction area.


Revisions to the Sign Code will be presented to City Council for adoption on May 25, 2021. Please see the draft and provide comments either at the meeting or to the City Secretary or Planning Department in advance of the meeting.

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General Information
  • Internal illumination is prohibited.
  • Pylon signs are only allowed along the State Highway 71 corridor.
  • Fees are based on type and size of each sign, and are listed in the Master Fee Schedule adopted with Ordinance No. 2019-42.
  • Step 1: Due Diligence and Research

    • Review Chapter 8 of the B³ Code for the types of allowable signs and their standards.
    • Contact the Planning Department as questions arise.

    Step 2: Prepare Submittal Materials

    • Each sign will require their own permit application.
    • Prepare diagrams of each size illustrating their location on the building/site, size, area, illumination (if externally illuminated), etc.
    • Locate all materials found on the Sign Checklist.

    Step 3: Submit Applications for Review

    • Submit each sign application in MyGov following the requirements of B³ Code Chapter 8.
    • The submittal will be reviewed for completeness. If the submittal is incomplete, correction items will be issued to the applicant to remedy the deficiencies. 
    • Fees will be assessed.
    • Once the submittal is complete, it will be reviewed by Staff for compliance with all Codes. Correction items and/or further direction will be issued.
    • Applicants will resubmit based on the correction items issued.
    • Once all correction items are remedied, Staff will approve the review and issue the permit.
    • Applicants must request an inspection once the sign is installed to verify compliance with the permit.
  • The City of Bastrop regulates signage inside the city limits and throughout the entirety of it's extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). That area is shown below:

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