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Mobile Food Vendor Program

All mobile food vendors must obtain a permit in order to operate inside the City of Bastrop. See Ordinance No. 2020-02 for all details and requirements.

All applications should now be submitted through the City of Bastrop's MyGov portal. Visit to sign up as a Collaborator, and get started today!

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General Information

Three categories of vendor unit (how food is served):

  1. Mobile Food Truck
  2. Mobile Food Concession Trailer
  3. Mobile Food/Concession Cart

Three categories of vendor category (where the vendor operates):

  1. As a tenant in a Mobile Food Court
  2. On an Existing Site with a Primary Use
  3. As a Temporary Mobile Vendor

Permits will be issued for a certain length of time. Applicants may choose to operate for the times as follows:

  • Temporary Mobile Food Vendors: 3 day permit (special event permit per permitted event)
  • All others: 6 month permit or 1 year permit

All mobile food vendors will need to apply for a new permit prior to expiration of the previous permit in order to prevent a lapse in permit authorization.


Fees are based on category and length of time. They vary from $100 to $400. See the Application for specific fees.


How to Apply
If applying to become a mobile food vendor site, apply for a Site Development Plan before submitting the mobile food vendor application. See Development Process for information on Site Development Plans. A Pre-Development Meeting will be required. All applications must be submitted through the MyGov portal.

Step 1: Due Diligence and Research

  • Review the Mobile Food Ordinance and Checklist.
  • Contact the Planning Department as questions arise.

Step 2: Prepare Submittal Materials

  • Assemble all materials found on the Mobile Food Vendor Checklist.

Step 3: Submit Applications for Review

  • Submit the application in MyGov Permits and Inspections module.
  • The submittal will be reviewed for completeness. If the submittal is incomplete, correction items will be issued to the applicant to remedy the deficiencies.
  • Fees will be assessed and invoiced.
  • Once the submittal is complete, it will be reviewed by City Staff for compliance with all adopted Codes. Correction items and/or further direction will be issued.
  • Applicants will resubmit based on the correction items issued.
  • Once all correction items are remedied, Staff will approve the review.
  • Applicants must request an inspection to verify compliance with codes.
  • A permit will be issued.

The Mission of the City of Bastrop is to continuously strive to provide innovative and proactive services that enhance our authentic way of life to achieve our vision.