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Parks & Trails

Each of the City of Bastrop Parks are unique. To find addresses, amenities offered at each park, and how to reserve or rent, click below on the drop down bar with the park name you are interested in.


"The park is a place where the stress of everyday life is replaced by the joy of simple pleasures."

  • Location: 101 Grady Tuck Ln.
    1.91 acres


          * Dog Shower Station

          * Dog Waste Station (2)

          * Small Dog Play Area

          * Large Dog Play Area

          * Benches

          * Walking distance to Downtown

  • Bob Bryant Park is one of Bastrop's largest community parks and was dedicated in 2004 in partnership with TreeFolks. This park has easy access to the Colorado River and has a great scenic view. In February 2004, guest speaker Astronaut Jim Riley and the City of Bastrop honored the Space Shuttle Columbia crew by planting trees in Bob Bryant Park. Visit the memorial today!


    Location: 600 Charles Blvd.
    22.8 acres
          * Covered Pavilion (50 ft. x 40 ft.)

          * Nature Trail (0.5 miles)

          * Scenic Overlook of Colorado River

          * Canoe Dock/Fishing Pier

          * Picnic Tables (9)

          * BBQ Pits (5) 

          * Sand Volleyball Court

          * Tennis Court 

          * Multi-Purpose Field with Soccer Goals & Backstop

          * Restroom Facilities

          * Shaded Playground Area

          * Benches

          * Basketball Court

          * Recycle Stations

          * Disc Golf Course


    CLICK HERE to see availability and/or to rent facility

  • Disc Golf Course is open year round and is free to the public!

    Disc golf provides upper and lower body conditioning, aerobic exercise, and encourages concentration skills. Disc golf is also a great activity the whole family can play together, and it can be played from school age to old age.  


  • Ferry Park is a small pocket park that connects to the June Hill Pape Riverwalk Trail and provides great access to the Colorado River near the State Highway 71 Bridge. This park was recently upgraded with a swinging bench and a bright, new playground! Another great feature is its close proximity to Bastrop's Historic Downtown.


    Location: 502 Water St. 
    0.5 acres


          * New Playground

          * Swing Set

          * Gazebo

          * Picnic Tables (6)

          * BBQ Pit 

          * Benches

          * Swinging Bench 

          * Portable Toilet 

          * Trash Cans

          * Walking distance to Downtown

  • Fireman's Park is also known as "the old baseball park." This park is centrally located in the City of Bastrop and can be rented out for league games. During the 1920's and 1930's it was used for pick up games. Read more about the history on site at the kiosk on your next visit!

    Location: 600 Hill St.

    2.54 acres

          * Lighted Baseball/Softball Field

          * Bleachers (5)

          * Electronic Scoreboard

          * Portable Toilets (2)

          * Trash Cans


    CLICK HERE to see availability and/or to rent facility

  • Fisherman's Park is a part of the LCRA Colorado River Trail and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department project. It is Bastrop's most popular park and has a connection to the Bastrop Public Library.  It is also a starting point for the El Camino Real Paddling Trail and June Hill Pape Riverwalk Trail that connects to Ferry Park.
    Location: 1200 Willow St./400 Farm St.
    20 acres

          * Large Covered Pavilion (30 ft. x 60 ft.)

          * Small Covered Pavilion (30 ft. x 16 ft.)

          * Fenced Playground Area with Swing Set

          * Bench Swings (3)

          * Restrooms (across from playground and by Splash Pad)

          * Boat/Canoe Dock; Boat Ramp

          * Fishing Pier

          * Picnic Tables (21)

          * Small BBQ Pits (12)

          * Large 100 gal BBQ Pit

          * Sand Volleyball, Basketball, & Tennis Courts

          * Multi-Purpose Field with Soccer Goals & Backstop

          * Drinking Fountains (2)

          * Nature Trail

          * Trash Cans/Recycle Stations

          * Wheeled Sports Plaza


    CLICK HERE to see availability and/or to rent facility

  • Fisherman’s Park Splash Pad

    Location: 1200 Willow Street, Bastrop, TX

    Opens: 2nd Week in April and Closes Labor Day

    Operating Hours: Every day 10AM – 8PM


    The Splash Pad is an open-air area with several water features, including buckets that dump out water when they fill up, a ring that sprays water at anyone who ventures through the middle, jets that shoot water up from the padded floor and a little green alligator nicknamed ”Humphrey.”

               *Picnic Tables (2)

               *Covered Areas (3)

               *Swinging Bench

  • Developed as part of the Hunter's Crossing Subdivision, this neighborhood park is open to the public. The subdivision has several trails, two playgrounds, and a beautiful scenic overlook featuring a small pond. Please be advised that the pool adjacent to the park is not open to the public.


    Location: 301 Hunters Crossing Blvd.
    6.60 acres


          * 2 Playgrounds (Small & Large Set)

          * Swings (4)

          * Gazebo

          * Outlook & Fishing Pier 

          * Pond

          * Picnic Tables (6)

          * BBQ Pit

          * Half-Court Basketball Court

          * Pavilion with 2 Ceiling Fans

          * Picnic Tables (4) 

          * Baseball Field (dugouts in the back & fenced)

          * Restrooms (limited access to public)

          * Bike Racks (2) 


    CLICK HERE to see availability and/or to rent facility

  • Jewell Hodges Park is named after a dedicated community activist. Jewell's Park is a small pocket park that also serves the neighboring Rusty Reynolds Little League Complex which is used for little league games. Although smaller than most parks, Jewell Hodges Park provides a nature get-away for the families in the surrounding neighborhood or a quick pick-up game of basketball at the adjacent court located in the Emergency Shelter/Senior Center parking lot. 


    Location: 1200 Linden St.
    1.0 acre

          * Fenced Playground Area

          * Swings (2)

          * Picnic Tables (2)

          * Small BBQ Pits (2)

          * Basketball Court in Parking Lot

          * Spring Saw Ride

          * Trash Cans 

          * Portable Toilet

  • Kerr Community Park was built in 2006 from City  and County donations and Texas Parks & Wildlife funding. This park sits adjacent to the Kerr Community Center.


    Location: 1308 Walnut St.
    1.39 acres

          * Covered Pavilion (50 ft.  x 35 ft.)

          * Playground

          * Basketball Court

          * BBQ Pits (4)

          * Picnic Tables (5)

          * Benches (5)

          * Swings (4) 

          * Recycle Station


    CLICK HERE to see availability and/or to rent facility

  • Mayfest Park is situated in the southeast area of town to the west of the Bastrop State Park. This park is primarily used  for rodeos and large events. The Parks and Recreation Departments holds, "OPEN RIDE" at the rodeo arena every 1st and 3rd TUESDAY of every month. Citizens and friends have access to the arena for various activities of their choosing, guests can bring their own livestock and utilize the space from 9:00 am - 10:00 pm free of charge!


    Location: 25 American Legion Dr.
    26.74 acres

          * Covered Show Barn (Rented Separately)

          * Electric/Water Hook-ups (14)

          * Lighted Rodeo Arena

          * Restroom Facilities

          * Picnic Tables (3)

          * Small BBQ Pits (2)

          * Ticket Booth

          * Concession Area (inside rodeo arena)

          * 11.01 acres of Open Space

          * Trash Cans (put out only during events)


    CLICK HERE to see availability and/or to rent facility

  • Minerva Delgado Park was dedicated in 2017 and named after Minerva Delgado. She played a pivotal role in the desegregation of schools in Bastrop.


    Location: 709 Laurel St.

    3.01 acres


    * Shaded Playground Area

      * Swing set

    * Trash Cans 

    * Restroom

      * 2 Picnic Tables

      * Water Fountain


  • June Hill Pape Riverwalk Trail is a Texas Parks & Wildlife  project that connects Fisherman's Park with the Old Iron Bridge and Ferry Park. Enjoy a scenic walk along the Colorado River!


    Location: Along the Colorado River between Fisherman's Park & Ferry Park
    2,668 linear feet

          * Approximately 0.5 miles of trail

          * Pavilion with Rock Fireplace

          * Scenic picnic areas along the trail

          * Drinking Fountain

          * Concrete Picnic Tables (4)

          * Scenic Overlooks/Fishing Piers (3)

            (2 handicap accessible)

          * Trash Cans

  • This paddling trail was launched in November 2007. The Bastrop El Camino Real Paddling Trail project was a collaborative effort between local partners and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's Texas Paddling Trails program to bring 24 miles of designated paddling trails to the Bastrop community. This 6-mile trail provides paddling opportunities for residents of Bastrop from Fisherman's Park to Lost Pines Nature Trails.


    Click here to view the entire Paddling Project.

The Mission of the City of Bastrop is to continuously strive to provide innovative and proactive services that enhance our authentic way of life to achieve our vision.