Parks Board / Public Tree Advisory Board

Place Member Term End
 1 Betty Rucker  Sept 2024
 2 Kerry Fossler  Sept 2023
 3 Sarah Rooney  Sept 2023
 4 Steven Fobert  Sept 2024
 5 Barbara Wolanski  Sept 2023
 6 Margaret Robinson  Sept 2023
 7 Jamie Creacy, State Park Rep  Sept 2024


Meeting Location

City Hall Council Chamber

1311 Chestnut Street

Staff Liaison: Curtis Hancock, Director of Public Works, 512-332-8964

City Council Liaison: Council Member Dock Jackson

Occasionally, the meeting venue, date, and/or time change to accommodate other events occurring within the City. Please call Parks and Recreation at (512) 332-8920 between 7:00 am and 3:30 pm Monday through Friday to confirm meeting information.


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