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To submit Citizen Comment to the City Council:

Complete the Citizen Comment form below and submit it at least two hours before the meeting starts on the requested date.


During the meeting the Mayor will call your name.  Written remarks submitted in lieu of speaking in person will be given to the City Council during the meeting and included in the public record, but not read aloud.  Please direct your comments to the Mayor and Council.


Although the City Council cannot take specific action on Citizens’ Comments on items not on the Regular Agenda due to legal requirements, the City Council may:

1. Have the item placed on a future agenda for action;

2. Refer the item to the full City Council or a subcommittee for further study;

3. Refer the item to staff for study or conclusion.

We appreciate your interest in the community and hope you will visit again soon.

Meeting Date: (MM/DD/YY)
Address: (incl. City, State, Zip)
Phone Number:
When would you like to speak: (Citizens' Comments is available for citizens to speak on items not on the agenda. In accordance with the Texas Attorney General's opinion, any public comment that is made on an item that is not on the published agenda will only be heard by the Bastrop City Council. No formal action, discussion, nor comment will be made by the City Council)

Citizens' Comments Topic or Agenda Item Number:

Please record my (if not speaking)

- All CDs & DVDs that the public would like to present while they speak during City Council MUST be submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to the meeting. Please contact the City Secretary at (512)332-8811 to coordinate. I agree that I will limit my time to three minutes, speak with respect, and refrain from using profane, insulting or threatening language. “I hereby certify that the information and statements by me to the Bastrop City Council are true and accurate. I further swear that the testimony I give before this body will be true and accurate. I understand that by speaking before the City Council, I may or may not be filmed or recorded for public broadcasting and I give my full permission to do so.”

The Mission of the City of Bastrop is to continuously strive to provide innovative and proactive services that enhance our authentic way of life to achieve our vision.