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Welcome to the City of Bastrop Parks & Recreation Department home page. The Department maintains over 65 acres of park land, and manages recreational events & community programs. Citizens and visitors can enjoy family outings at the various parks listed. Our two larger and most popular parks, Bob Bryant Park and Fisherman’s Park, sit along the Colorado River; these parks are equipped with fishing docks, nature trails, and boat/canoe ramps.


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Advice from our Awesome Arborist!

  • How to respond to freeze damage and deal with all those leaves on the ground

    Have you noticed trees around town looking a bit sad after the most recent winter storm, with browning or faded green leaves or trees that have dropped their leaves within a week or two?


    Don't worry too much just yet; most species of Oak trees will be just fine, and you should wait to prune those Crepe Myrtles. Most Windmill & Texas Sabal palms should also come through as long as their dominant bud within the fronds (leaves) didn't entirely freeze. If your palm does not survive, it will most likely fail on the northside. Foliage loss for Pine trees is serious and could leave the tree open to more insect pests. Do you have Cedar Elm or Sugarberry trees that had Mistletoe in them? The bad news is that this parasitic plant probably survived the freeze. It is recommended to wait to prune or remove trees until the end of June. This gives them a chance to possibly produce new foliage and to see if any other structural defects appear.


    Remember that a tree's response to an event like this depends on species and genetic variability. You should inspect your trees to the best of your ability for cracks along branch attachments and any other damage you may see. Doing this can help prevent hasty decisions about a removal unless there is apparent structural damage that could pose a risk to property or your neighbors. Visit the Texas Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture and click on "Find a Texas Arborist" to have a Certified Arborist assess your trees.


    Many local arborists are willing to provide tips and guidance for citizens caring for our urban forest.


    Thomas Martinez

    Parks Crew Leader

    City Arborist: TX-4454-AUM

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