Employment Opportunities



Bastrop Power & Light is accepting applications for an Electric Foreman. The position will be under the direction of the Director; performs skilled electrical and supervisory work in providing electrical services to the City. Employees in this class perform all aspects of work, and supervise apprentices and lineman under charge. Responsible for maintaining inventories and related records. Schedules work assignments, accompanies crews to job sites, and inspects and monitors the performance of all assigned work orders during and upon completion for conformance to established regulatory codes, policy, and procedure. Performs duties in a lead capacity in matters relating to issuing, dispatching, transmitting, and completion of connections/disconnections, service orders and customer service requests. Installs and/or replaces transformers, breaker boxes, meter loops, fuses, fuse holders, lightning arrestors, primary and neutral wires, guy wires etc. Applicants must be 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED; minimum eight (8) to ten (10) years experience in the field, to include experience and proficiency as a Class II Lineman; supervisory experience desired. Must have ability to obtain/maintain a valid Commercial Driver’s License. The starting salary is $22.42 /hr + full benefits. Applications may be obtained from the Human Resources Department , 1311 Chestnut or on-line at www.cityofbastrop.org. Any applicant tentatively selected for this position will be required to submit to a physical, criminal background check and drug/alcohol screening prior to employment. The position will remain open until filled. EOE.
The City of Bastrop is accepting applications for a Maintenance Worker I position in the Parks Department. The beginning salary is $10.78/hr. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma, GED, or vocational training; supplemented by six (6) months of grounds maintenance equipment; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience. This position requires a valid State of Texas driver’s license. This position requires considerable knowledge, skill, and abilities in the use of various types of manual, gas or electrically powered tools, equipment and machinery employed in the maintenance of municipal parks and grounds. Physical requirements of the job include frequent walking, standing, bending, stooping, working in confined spaces and lifting and carrying of moderate (12-20 pounds) and/or in some instances heavy (20-50 pound) items and occasionally heavier (100 pound plus) items. This position requires exposure to adverse environmental conditions such as dirt, rain, poison ivy and oak, strong odors and/or smoke, exposure to dust or pollen, heat/cold or extreme weather conditions. This position requires the ability to follow oral and/or written instructions. This position also requires the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, fellow employees and the public. An application and job description may be obtained from the Human Resources Department, 1311 Chestnut Street or on-line at www.cityofbastrop.org. The position will remain open until filled. EOE. Any applicant tentatively selected for this position will be required to submit to a physical/drug/alcohol/criminal background screening prior to employment.
The City of Bastrop is accepting applications for the position of a Bastrop Main Street Program Director with skills to build partnerships with various community groups to achieve consensus for economic growth and historic preservation in a unique downtown and to manage an ongoing team of over 50 volunteers toward City Manager and Advisory Board established goals Under the direction of the City Manager, the Director will perform a variety of duties associated with the continued commercial revitalization of the historic downtown business district. Working in collaboration with the appropriate officials and advisory bodies, the candidate is responsible for analysis, synthesis, development, coordination, and implementation of revitalization strategies and recommendations to achieve the City’s goals for economic development and historic preservation of the downtown business district. Candidate must be entrepreneurial, energetic, imaginative, collaborative, well organized and capable of functioning effectively in an independent environment. Must be able to direct volunteers to accomplish goals set annually. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential. Requires a Bachelor’s Degree in the area of Business, Public Administration, Economic Development, Planning, or a related field and at least two years of experience working in a municipal Main Street or other economic development program. Salary DOQ. The Bastrop Main Street Program, in its first seven years, saw over $23 million in public and private reinvestment in downtown properties, with 63 net new businesses started and over 160 new jobs created. This successful program positions the community to grow as a destination and still retain its historical relevance in the state. The program Director * Leads the economic revitalization and historic preservation efforts downtown * Manages the tasks of over 50 volunteers * Manages an annual operating budget of approximately $120,000 * Develops marketing/promotional activities and materials to support the program Please submit letter of interest, resume, City application, six (6) references, and salary requirements to Tanya Cantrell, Human Resources Department, P. O. Box 427, Bastrop, Texas 78602, tcantrell@cityofbastrop.org or call (512) 332-8812 for more information. Position will remain open until filled. EOE
The Bastrop Economic Development Corporation (“BEDC”) is a 4B Economic Development Corporation located in the heart of fast-growing Central Texas. BEDC is seeking Qualification Statements from Respondents interested in serving in the position of EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. Please send Qualification Statements, Applications, Resumes and References (“Responses”) to Tanya Cantrell at tcantrell@cityofbastrop.org. For more information please contact Tanya Cantrell, HR Director, City of Bastrop, 512-332-8812. Position will remain open until filled. Compensation is negotiable depending on qualifications and experience. Responses should be labeled “BEDC RFQ – Executive Director.” The BEDC reserves the right to grant interviews to individual applicants as it deems appropriate and to request additional information from any Responder. The BEDC reserves the right to accept or reject, in whole or in part, any Response. Responsibility of the Executive Director: To assist the BEDC in accomplishing its mission, which is to ‘enhance the quality of life in Bastrop, by providing appropriate infrastructure and by promoting and assisting the kind of economic development in our community which will provide the people of Bastrop meaningful and rewarding employment opportunities and greater access to desirable goods and services’. At the heart of this mission is the objective of establishing and enhancing employment opportunities, through sustainable economic growth within the City of Bastrop and the surrounding area. Primary Objectives: To provide leadership to the BEDC Board of Directors (“Directors”), staff, and consultants. Work cooperatively with the Directors, the City Manager, the Board Attorney, City Council, City staff, and various partnering entities. Communicate effectively and clearly with industry contacts and prospects to market and attract commercial, retail, and industrial prospects and opportunities to the Bastrop area to achieve significant, sustainable economic development and growth of employment opportunities in Bastrop. Reports To: Board of Directors; and with City Council and City Manager, as needed. Primary Responsibilities: 1. Marketing/Business Retention and Expansion: Foster support for the BEDC Organization and the projects approved by the Board. Develop and promote the strategy for marketing the BEDC’s mission, its Business Park and the Bastrop Community to entice commercial, retail and industrial prospects to locate in Bastrop. Clearly communicate with the Board, staff, partnering entities, and the City regarding the work being done with prospects and on pending BEDC projects. Provide monthly, written activity and status updates to the Board. Identify issues and opportunities related to existing business enterprises and develop a definitive plan for retaining, expanding, promoting and assisting these local businesses. 2. Community Development: Study and analyze future sustainable growth areas in the BEDC’s Business Park build-out, job training, infrastructure, education, and technology which are reflective of the Board’s objectives and which reflects a careful assessment of the various short-term and long-term needs, to achieve and sustain Bastrop’s economic vitality. 3. Finance: Analyze options and identify opportunities to proactively position the BEDC to take advantage of all types of potential funding opportunities for both economic development and for the organizational growth of the BEDC, with the objective of ensuring the financial stability of the BEDC and enhancing economic vitality in the Bastrop community. 4. Assessment: Study the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the BEDC and the Bastrop community, as a whole, related specifically to the current economic environment, and prepare regular reports including an annual compilation report to the Board that states your conclusions, strategies, recommendations and accomplishments for the Board’s review, consideration and approval, for the past year as well as plans and projections for the upcoming year. This historic assessment and projections of future opportunities will strengthen Bastrop’s opportunities for economic growth and job enhancement. 5. Incentives: Develop and/or update standards for recommended business development incentives to be presented to the Board of Directors, for their consideration and approval. 6. Attend City Council meetings, regularly, and be prepared to review any significant events that have been presented and discussed by the Council, with the BEDC Board. REQUIRED SKILLS AND ABILITIES: 1. Knowledge of Business and Industry: Must have an in-depth knowledge in practices, trends, theories and current information related to the business sector. Must understand general competitive and economic issues and practices. Must have awareness, acumen and experience in negotiating in a political environment, understanding how the needs of various political entities may affect the marketplace, as well as the negotiated incentives and outcomes with a variety of prospects. 2. Community Planning: Must understand the Bastrop community’s short-term and long-term planning objectives, specifically including how such plans interface with future development in the BEDC’s Business Park and with other BEDC projects. 3. Decision Making/Advising: Must have a demonstrated ability to work with a diverse group of individuals, including the Directors, the staff, the Board Attorney, the City Manager, City officials, and members of other local entities, and must be capable of making supportable decisions on disputed issues, even when under time constraints. Must demonstrate self-motivation and initiative, while practicing self-discipline and the ability to carefully and adequately evaluate options and issues, prior to committing the BEDC or initiating action. Must be willing to advise the Board on policies and activities, making an effective case for action, but remain willing to hear and follow the directives provided by the Board. 4. Analytical Acumen: Must be able to assess the feasibility of a proposed economic development project, monitor progress on existing projects and remain fully attuned to schedules and deadlines. Must have the facility to evaluate and summarize written reports, date and cost estimates and suggest new concepts and alternative approaches to resolve problems and solve challenges, when they occur. Must be able to accurately assess the probability of success of a proposed course of action, and to identify, evaluate and propose alternatives, when required. 5. Public Relations/Relationship Building: Must have a professional appearance and demeanor and demonstrate the ability to speak comfortably in public, representing the BEDC and the Bastrop community positively in a variety of venues, such as trade shows, presentations, seminars, and while working with prospects. Must be capable of establishing a comfortable rapport with professional contacts, the press, local professional entities, and consultants, as well as developing an appropriate affiliation with the Directors, BEDC staff, City Manager, Board’s Attorney, City Council members and the City staff. 6. Written Communication/Public Speaker: Must demonstrate the ability and willingness to prepare detailed, professional written reports and other documents, as necessary, which should be thorough, accurate and concise. Must have an understanding of the intended audience and the use/distribution of the documents prepared. Must understand policies and regulations as they relate to the production and confidentiality of information and documentation prepared by and provided to the BEDC. 7. Finance/Budget Preparation: Must have a clear understanding and past experience in the preparation of organizational budgets, with an understanding of both municipal and EDC budget requirements and processes. Must comprehend and be able to monitor expenditures and revenues. Must be capable of working with the Directors, City Manager and staff at all times and be very “hands on,” particularly during annual budget preparation. Perform research and respond to questions concerning expenditures, revenues and budgetary issues. 8. General Administration/ Legal: Must have the ability to provide professional leadership to the BEDC staff and perform necessary administrative tasks, when required, to assist in moving the Board’s work forward on a timely basis. Must have an understanding of which state and local law apply to the operations of the Board. Must develop a professional and productive working relationship with the Board’s Attorney to maintain legal compliance in the Board’s operations and in the preparation of the Board’s contracts and other legal documents. 9. Information Management and Technology: As necessary, must demonstrate ability to prepare, summarize, and/or analyze statistical information or narrative information; estimate risks and benefits related to a variety of alternative courses of action; prepare and assess costs and time estimates; capture and communicate complete numerical data in a business context; and edit and integrate written material. Must have a knowledge and ability to communicate and interface with a variety of technologies. 10. Cooperative Attitude/Liaison: Act as the BEDC’s liaison with the Governor’s Office for Economic Development. Must work with the Directors and staff to maintain partnerships and positive relationships with other local governmental officials and organizations. Must cooperate with the City Manager to enhance the operations of the City and BEDC’s common objectives. EVALUATION CRITERIA: • Must have a bachelor’s degree in business, public administration, or a related field; a master’s or advanced degree is preferred • Certification in the field of Economic Development/experienced in Texas Economic Development • Ability to focus on achieving positive, concrete results that contribute to BEDC’s success • Creative thinker, with sufficient attention to detail to get work done in a timely and efficient manner • Ability to overcome competitive challenges and develop opportunities to benefit the BEDC and Bastrop • Ability to set sights in the future, identify potential pitfalls, and devise plans for achievement • Experienced marketer and public speaker • Knowledge of EDC and municipal budgetary procedures. Ability to monitor expenditures and revenues • Knowledgeable of real estate sale and purchase transactions and financing • Ability to negotiate contracts. Attention to detail and completion of project documentation. • Knowledge of various federal, state, county and municipal codes, ordinances, laws, regulations, policies, etc., which are applicable to the BEDC (Notices, hearings, agendas) • Personality and ability to work positively as a ‘team member’ with the Board of Directors, the BEDC staff, as well as with City Manager, City officials, and City staff • Willingness to answer to the Directors and related to performance and day-to-day work • Experience in holding Board meetings, preparing agendas and reports for Directors • Ability to multi-task while maintaining close attention to the details of all ongoing projects • Ability to excel in a team-oriented environment • Comprehensive Understanding of local real estate and economic principles and practices; experience in the use of market research methodologies preferred
The BASTROP POLICE DEPARTMENT is accepting applications for Police Officer. Bastrop serves as the county seat and regional retail center of Bastrop County. Nestled in the beautiful Lost Pines region of central Texas twenty minutes from Austin, this highly progressive agency of talented professional’s offers highly competitive pay, benefits and job opportunities to dedicated individuals possessing exceptional character, integrity, competence and compassion. All applicants must possess a current Texas Peace Officer Certification issued by TCOLE and a valid Texas Drivers License, and be able to pass a thorough background investigation, psychological, physical exam and a drug and alcohol screen. Starting salary: Basic Certificate $45,256, Intermediate Certificate $47,521 & Advanced $49,901. Yearly raises based on officer performance and council approval. Officers work 12 hour shifts. Retirement with TMRS is at 6% 2:1 City match. Officers are allowed to work overtime and extra security as needed. All equipment including uniform, leather gear, weapon, and boots are provided by the City. The position will remain open until filled. Applicants may obtain an application packet at the Bastrop Police Department, located at 104 Grady Tuck Lane, Bastrop, Texas 78602, on-line at www.cityofbastrop.org or by calling 512-332-8600. EOE
The City of Bastrop is seeking applicants for immediate employment as Chief Plant Operator in the Water and Wastewater Department. This is a supervisory position and requires considerable experience in collection and treatment of wastewater, operating water wells, pumping and storage of drinking water, and maintenance of related equipment. The applicant has to be able to operate and maintain the City’s W/WW SCADA System. As Supervisor schedule activities and evaluate performance of the Operation W/WW Crew. Manage budget expenditures related to the operation of this Department. The successful applicant will be skilled in writing, preparing and interpreting reports, lab data and technical information related to the water and wastewater field. The position requires TCEQ certification of level “B” in both groundwater and wastewater operation, or the ability to obtain within 18 months both licenses. This is a non-exempt position with wages starting at $44,408 annually + certification pay, DOQ. Generous benefits such as employee insurance (medical and dental), vacation, sick leave, training with pay, and uniforms are provided. The position will remain open until filled. Please submit an application and resume to Tanya Cantrell, City of Bastrop, P. O. Box 427, Bastrop, Texas 78602, or email those documents to tcantrell@cityofbastrop.org. Fax 512-332-8819. The City of Bastrop is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Any applicant selected for this position will be required to submit to a physical/drug/alcohol/criminal background screening prior to employment.
The City of Bastrop is accepting applications for Systems Technician Crew Leader. The position will be under the close supervision of the Utility Field Superintendent; performs repair and installation tasks for the City’s water distribution and wastewater collections systems. Qualified applicants must have experience operating heavy equipment for installation and construction of water/sewer lines, lift stations, mains and manholes. Position requires the ability to locate problems and performs repairs for leaks, line breaks, and faulty components. Restores interrupted services. This position is labor intensive and requires use of hand tools, shovels, picks, etc. Work is performed in adverse weather conditions such as extreme heat, cold and rainy conditions. Respond to call outs for water leaks and use of the jet machine to clear blocked sewer lines. Performs water and wastewater related work as directed. This position is under rotation for on call duties, as well as emergency call outs. Applicants must be 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED and be responsible for attaining certifications class “C” in water Distribution and level “II” in wastewater collection from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) within two years of hire. Salary DOQ + full benefits. Applications may be obtained from the Human Resources Department, 1311Chestnut Street or on-line at www.cityofbastrop.org. Any applicant tentatively selected for this position will be required to submit to a physical, criminal background check and drug/alcohol screening prior to employment. The position will remain open until filled. EOE.