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I was a juvenile at the time. Why do I have to pay? 

Class C criminal cases to do not fade away with time.  Fines are due even if it is a decade or two later and even after you turn 17.

This was my parent’s responsibility, shouldn’t they pay?

Ultimately it is you who owes, not the parents, grandparents or any other family member.

Isn’t there a statute of limitations on these?

Again, cases do not fade away with time.   Cases must be resolved.

Will I go to jail if I come in?

If you have a warrant, you are subject to arrest at any time. These are fine only offenses and when you appear at the Municipal Court to pay these you are generally not arrested.

Do you offer pay plans?

Pay plans are up to the Judge based on required information.

Can I get jail credit?

Credit for jail time is determined by the Judge as these are fine only offenses.

Where can I pay?

You can pay online , by mail, by phone or in person at the window or in the outside drop box.

If you require further assistance, you can email us at or call


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