The Bastrop Public Library encourages public use of its meeting facilities in keeping with the Library's mission "To provide free and unrestricted access to informational, educational, cultural, and recreational library materials and services in a clean, comfortable, secure environment for people of all ages."


The Meeting Room Policy establishes general guidelines and procedures for the use of the Library's meeting rooms. The Library Director or his/her appointee is responsible for implementing this policy and for maintaining reservation lists. While these guidelines and procedures are intended to be comprehensive, other guidelines and rules may be identified and enforced, on a case-by-case basis, as the Library Director deems necessary under specific circumstances or as they may arise. The City of Bastrop reserves the right to revise this policy as it deems necessary or from time to time.


Use of library meeting rooms by any group signifies acceptance of the terms of this policy.


General Guidelines


  • Meeting rooms at the Bastrop Public Library are designed to meet general informational, educational, cultural, and civic needs including activities such as discussion groups, panels, lectures, conferences, seminars, exhibits, displays, storytimes, puppet shows, and films.
  • To be eligible to use a meeting room, you must belong to a club, organization, or nonprofit corporation that has three or more members.
  • There is no charge for the library, City, county, federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, or clubs to use the meeting rooms. For-profit organizations and companies will be charged a fee.
  • The Library reserves the right to require written verification of the official status of organizations reserving our rooms.  Such verification may be in the form of a letter of determination from the IRS or the Texas Secretary of State.
  • Use of the Library's meeting rooms by participants does not constitute Library or City of Bastrop endorsement of materials (written, audio, etc.), opinions, or viewpoints of attendees or participants. Advertisements or announcements implying such endorsements are not permitted.
  • The library does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, disability, or age for the use of the meeting room.
  • Meeting rooms may not be used for social gatherings such as wedding showers, birthday parties, dances, family reunions, etc.
  • Meeting rooms may not be used for religious services or political campaigns (religious study groups and political forums that are sponsored by eligible clubs, organizations, or non-profit corporations are permitted).
  • All meeting rooms are closed on Sunday, official Bastrop City holidays, and other designated dates.
  • City or Library needs may preempt any other scheduled event.
  • The Conference Room can only be reserved during normal library operating hours per the reservation procedure noted below. Smoking, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs are not allowed.



Reservation forms to utilize a meeting room or conference room are available by telephone, in writing, in person, or online. Requests to use a conference or meeting room will be honored on a first-come, first served basis. A completed reservation form must be submitted in person and be on file a minimum of 72 hours prior to the meeting, and all fees and deposits must be paid by this time.


  • When making a reservation, please clearly and completely fill out a reservation form, which you may obtain by telephone, online, in writing, or at the library. Completed reservation forms must be submitted in person.
  • Reservations are accepted up to six months in advance. Only one reservation can be submitted at a time.
  • To provide an opportunity for all groups to use the meeting rooms, a group is limited to using the meeting room or conference room once a month, and the group may reserve only one meeting room for use at that time. The Library Director must approve exceptions to this rule in advance. Library, library-related groups, or City of Bastrop employees may reserve a meeting room more than once a month.  
  • Notice of cancellation should occur as soon as possible. If a group fails to appear after 30 minutes, its reservation is forfeited.
  • Groups may not assign their reservations to other groups.
  • A refundable $100.00 deposit is required for use of the Pressley Meeting Room or Maynard Conference Room.
  • The City of Bastrop is exempt from paying the $100.00 deposit.
  • Non-profits must pay the deposit of $100 at the same time the reservation form is submitted.
  • Reservations by for-profit corporations or companies must be paid in full at the time of registration.  Payment includes the rental fees for the room and the deposit.
  • Reservations must include set-up and take-down time.
  • Library personnel must receive notice of a cancellation minimum of 72 hours in advance to receive a full refund. Cancellations received less than 72 hours prior to the reserved event time will be refunded the deposit only.
  • No shows, or failure to notify library personnel regarding a cancellation, will cause the person or entity to forfeit the rental fees.
  • Cancellation notification may be made by phone, email, or in person.


Care and Use of Facilities


  • All organizations, profit and nonprofit, and government agencies and their representatives/members are responsible for their own set-up and take-down and cleaning of the meeting rooms (chairs and tables are available upon request-- but no setup or take-down or cleaning will be provided by the Library). All tables must be cleaned before returning to the rack.
  • Please leave meeting rooms as they are found. If the furniture is rearranged, it should be returned to the original arrangement at the end of the meeting.
  • Furniture and/or equipment from the main area of the library may not be brought into the meeting rooms.
  • Walls and sound boards are not to be used as bulletin boards. The use of push pins, straight pens, sticky note pad paper, tape, or glue on wall or sound boards is strictly prohibited.  
  • Personal furniture or equipment may be provided by a group with prior approval. Arrangements for the use of personal furniture or equipment should be made at the time reservations are made.
  • Equipment, supplies, or personal effects cannot be stored or left in Library meeting rooms before or after use. The Library and City shall not be responsible for materials, equipment, supplies, or the personal effects of those using the Meeting Rooms.
  • Keep all exits unlocked at all times. Open aisles must be maintained within the seating arrangements to provide clear access to the exits.
  • Public entrances are to be used for entrance to and exit from the building and for all deliveries.
  • No announcements or notices to publicize an activity may be posted or distributed without prior approval from the Library Director.
  • Attendance at meetings will be limited to the capacity of the individual meeting rooms as listed at the end of this policy. Seating and/or supplementary furniture are not allowed in corridors outside the meeting rooms.
  • Simple refreshments including coffee, doughnuts, box or sack lunches, may be served in the Pressley Meeting Room, but kitchen facilities or equipment will not be provided by the Library.  No food allowed and beverages with twist tops only allowed in the Maynard Conference Room.  No red beverages are allowed in the library.
  • All trash resulting from the serving of refreshments must be removed by the organization and thrown in the dumpster on the east side of the building.
  • The individual making the reservation, as well as the membership of the group as a whole, will be held responsible for any and all damages and losses that may occur as a result of the use of the facilities.
  • Users shall, upon demand, immediately reimburse the City for any damages caused by user, or user's employees, directors, officers, agents, representatives, affiliates, members, guests, or invitees, to the leased premises, Library property, or any other real or personal property owned or leased by the City in the performance of this agreement. User's damage deposit shall be applied to the cost of the repair for any such damages, but said damage deposit shall in no way limit or restrict User's liability or the City's legal remedies for the full extent of such damages.
  • Permission to use Library meeting rooms may be withheld from groups failing to comply with the Meeting Room Policy and from any group that damages the room, carpet, equipment, or furniture or causes a disturbance.
  • The Library Director, or his/her designee, shall have the authority to end meetings and/or clear/close meeting rooms as he/she deems necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of individuals and property and to maintain proper use of the Library facilities.


The City of Bastrop is committed to compliance with the American with Disabilities Act. Reasonable modifications and equal access to communications will be provided upon request.


Please address questions not covered within this policy to Library Administration at 512-332-8880.


Available meeting facilities and capacities:

  • Meeting room - 100 w/o tables - 50 w/ tables
  • Conference Room - 10


Pressley Meeting Room fee schedule:

  • Nonprofit: $0.00
  • For-Profit:  $50 per hour


Maynard Conference Room fee schedule:

  • Nonprofit:  $0.00
  • For-Profit:  $25 per hour


The deposit for all individuals, groups, or entities whether for profit or non-profit is $100.00.


Rev. 8/04/15 Library Board Approval: 12/07/15 City Council Approval:




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