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Reminder: You get 2 hours computer use per day according to our policy.


Computer access at our library is free and open to all library users. In order to preserve this open access,we ask all computer users at our library to abide by the following rules and requirements:


The Library’s public access computers are available on a first come first serve basis. The Library uses an automated reservation system to ensure that this process works in an equitable manner. All Library patrons must "sign in" (by age group-'Adult','Teen' or 'Child') at the computer reservation terminal to reserve a computer. A waiting list for each age group (i.e., 'Adult', 'Teen' or 'Child') will be on display at one end of the computer bank for that assigned age group.


All computer users are required to have a Bastrop Public Library card or 'guest card' obtained at the front desk, to sign in for computer use.  Additionally, a patron must be in good standing with the Library (i.e., must not have unpaid fines or fees) to be eligible to use the computers.  No 'guest cards' are issued to children or teens.


Patrons must use their own library card barcode number or a 'guest card' number to reserve a workstation. An acceptable form of identification is required to request a lookup of a patron's library card number.


Do not use someone else’s library card bar code number to access a library computer. Any patron who uses someone else’ s library card barcode number or a guest card number not issued directly to them is subject to losing their computer privileges in the Bastrop Library.


Patrons sign-up for 30-minute blocks of computer use time. After completing the first 30-minute reservation, a Patron may continue to use their workstation for an additional 30 minutes if there is no one else registered and waiting to use the computers. A patron may sign-up for a total of (4) 30-minute time slots (or a total of two hours) of computer use time, per day.


The Library’ s computers are designated 'Adult's', 'Teen's' and 'Child’ s' computers.

  • Child’ s computers are in the Children’ s area of the library. Adults and Teens are not allowed on Child’ s computers, but a parent or sibling may assist a child on a Child’ s computer.
  • Teen's computers are located directly outside of the 'HEB Teen Room'. Adult and Children are not allowed to use the Teen’ s computers unless prior permission is given by a library staff member.
  • Teens and children are not allowed on the adult computers unless accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, caregiver or library staff member.
  • If you leave the computer workstation before your reserved and allotted time is over, please log off computer. This will keep others from using your allotted time. Log off by clicking the "start button" at the bottom left of the screen and choosing the "log off" option.


You may check and send email on the library computers only if you have your own web-based email account (such as "Yahoo" mail or "Hotmail").


The library has no 'plug-in access' for laptop computers with modems, but laptop users may access the wireless Internet anywhere inside the library at no cost with no time limitation.


It is the mission of the Bastrop Public Library to provide unrestricted access to informational, educational, cultural and recreational library materials and services; however, we are also committed to protecting our youth and being sensitive to the rights of all of our patrons.To accomplish this mission, the following rules apply:


Accessing sites containing pornography or other offensively graphic materials or text (i.e., Materials that are unsuitable or damaging to children or that may offend other Library users or staff) is not acceptable and is, therefore expressly prohibited.


Patrons who violate this computer use policy will be asked to exit the website immediately and in the case of repeated abuse, may be asked to leave the library.


Patrons who continue to violate this policy will lose their Library and/or library computer use privileges.


Parents are responsible for overseeing their children’ s use of the library’ s public access computers.

  • All of the Library's computers have filters that block certain sites and/or content that contains pornography or other objectionable material.  However, such internet filters are an imperfect safeguard against pornography and other objectionable materials. Parents are encouraged to accompany their children who are using library computers. Parents need to caution their children against providing personal information over the Internet.  It is the Library's view that while accessing email, social networking sites or other Internet sites, minors should not disclose any of their personal information.
  • Staff is not responsible and does not monitor the content of Internet sites visited by any patron, whether minors or adults. Even though Library computers are filtered, parents need to regularly monitor what sites and materials their teens and children access.
  • Internet filters on the computers reserved for adult use can be toggled off by the Library staff if requested by an adult patron.  After the patron has completed the search, the filter will be toggled back on by a Library staff member.  Internet filters for children and teen computers can be toggled off by a librarian.  The librarian will assist the child or teen with their search and when the search is complete, toggle the filter back on.


Do not alter hardware, software, desktop, or web browser settings on the computers.  Do not take any action that could be deemed to be an attempt to "hack" into local or remote computers.


New diskettes may be purchased at the Check-Out desk for $1.00 each. Downloading any files or programs to the hard drive is prohibited.


Patrons may use their own USB memory sticks or floppy disks to save their personal data from the library computers.  Any USB drive storage of floppy devises that are left in the computers will be held by the Library in 'lost and found' for a maximum of 12 days, and then destroyed.


The Library is not liable for damages to personal data, diskettes or other equipment that are lost or damaged when information is copied from the Internet through the Library's computers.


Patrons are responsible for being aware of all possible copyright restrictions while using the Internet. Most information available on the Internet is copyrighted, and therefore is legally protected from duplication by the public.  Therefore,  permission must be obtained to use the images or text presented on the Internet.  If you are not sure that you have a legal right to use Internet materials, then you should not attempt to duplicate it.


Black and white copies may be printed from materials found on library computers. Color copies are not available. The charge for each page printed is ten (10) cents and must be paid for at the Check-Out desk.


The library does not provide CD burners, headphones, or wireless printers for public use.


Do not use the library computers to commit a crime. All violators will be subject to criminal prosecution by the appropriate police agency.


The Library staff reserves the right to determine whether other behaviors that are not specifically identified herein are not in the best interest of the Library, and if so, to ask the patron to discontinue those actions, as well.  In addition, the Library reserves the right to periodically update and modify this Policy as it deems appropriate and necessary.  Staff will ask anyone violating the Library's Internet and Computer Use Policy to discontinue what they are doing  immediately, and may in severe instances be asked to leave the Library. Those who violate this policy may lose their computer privileges for a length of time determined by the Library Director.  Repeat violators may lose other Library privileges and/or the right to be present on Library property and/or to use Library services.


Rev. 03/26/10 Approved by the Library Board: 04/05/10 Approved by the Bastrop City Council: 05/11/10

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