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A bulletin board is provided by the Bastrop Public Library as a community service to publicize local groups, meetings. cultural events, non-partisan political groups, fundraising events for nonprofit organizations, educational opportunities (Educational or instructional opportunities may be posted, regardless of whether they are of a for-profit or nonprofit nature), or other services that are of a nonprofit, non-self supporting nature.


The library’ s bulletin boards and display areas are designed and intended to directly aid and supplement the primary activities of the library and the City of Bastrop. All library and/or City activities will take precedence over non-library activities. publications or displays.


Personal ads, campaign literature, baby-sitting, and garage sales are not posted. The bulletin board is not to be used for advertising for commercial purposes. Items may be rejected for lack of space.


The date items are received will be date stamped (by the Reference Librarian) and the items will be removed after two weeks, when they are no longer timely or when space is required for more current items.


Exhibits in the library are seen by anyone who walks into the building both children and adults who may have various degrees of sophistication. Exhibits must therefore meet what is generally known as - a standard acceptable to the community.


Members of the public are not permitted to post notices. Only authorized library personnel may post notices on the library bulletin board. Any notice to be considered for posting must be submitted to Library Management for approval.


Notices posted without authorization will be removed.


Notice size (physical dimensions) can be restricted if deemed necessary to maximize available space.


The library does not necessarily advocate or endorse the viewpoints of organizations permitted to post notices on the Library bulletin board. The Library accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any item accepted for posting. All posted items are discarded after they are removed.


Failure to comply with these rules may result in denial of future posting privileges.


07/28/06 Library Board approval: 8/7/06 Bastrop City Council Approval: 9/12/06


The Bastrop Public Library provides one glass display case for displays of interest, information and enlightenment to the community. Individuals, organizations or community groups engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities are encouraged to use the library’ s display case. Any individual, organization or community group wanting to use the display case must complete an application and agree to the terms of this Display Case Policy.


Displays will stay up no less than one week and no more than four weeks. Individuals, organizations or community groups may present one display per year unless otherwise approved by the library director. It is the responsibility of the displayer to remove the display on the last day of the display. An inventory list of what is to be on display is required at the time of display. The displayer must provide their own signage for the display.


The Bastrop Public Library is not responsible for the preservation, protection, possible damage or theft of any item displayed. All items place in the library are done so at the owner’ s risk. All individuals, organizations or community groups must sign a form that releases the library from any responsibility for displayed items.


The Bastrop Public Library reserves the right to deny or accept the contents of each display.


The Bastrop Public Library reserves the right to remove items at the end of the display period.


Displays are available to anyone who visits the library-both children and adults. Displays must therefore meet “ an acceptable standard to the community.”


The Bastrop Public Library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of individuals, organizations or community groups or their displays.


Materials from for-profit organizations used to sell products are not allowed in Library displays.


10/20/2008 Library Board Approval: 11/03/2008 City Council Approval: 11/25/2008

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