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Table of Contents

1.General Information

  • 1.1 Purpose of the Collection Development Policy
  • 1.2 Roles of the Library
  • 1.3 Library Mission Statement
  • 1.4 Library Collection Goals
  • 1.5 Clientele to be Served
  • 1.6 Intellectual Freedom Statements


2. Materials Selection

  • 2.1 The Selection Process
  • 2.2 Public Requests
  • 2.3 Format of Materials
  • 2.4 Criteria for Selection
  • 2.5 Special Collections
  • 2.6 Limits of the Collection


3. Other Considerations

  • 3.1 Resource Sharing
  • 3.2 Library Cooperation
  • 3.3 Gift Donations and Memorial Policy
  • 3.4 Weeding and Discarding Policy
  • 3.5 Replacement and Duplicates Policy
  • 3.6 Reconsideration of Library Materials
  • 3.7 Reevaluation of Collection Development Policy


4. Appendices

  1. Library Bill of Rights
  2. Freedom to Read Statement
  3. Access for Children and Young Adults to Nonprint Materials
  4. Free Access to Libraries for Minors
  5. Purchase Request Form
  6. Requests for Reconsideration of Library Materials
  7. Gift Receipt Form
  8. Donation Form


1. General Information

1.1 Purpose of the Collection Development Policy

The library's collection development policy is intended for use by the library staff, library advisory board, governing officials and community members. It provides information about the library and community, the scope of the collection, the library's goals for providing information, and specific practices for selecting and maintaining books and other library materials.


1.2 Roles of the Library

Life long learning

Addresses the desire for self-directed personal growth and development opportunities: The library will provide and maintain an extensive collection of circulating materials on a wide variety of topics in which the general public has a sustained interest.


Current Topics and Titles

Helps to fulfill community residents' appetite for information about popular, cultural and social trends and their desire for satisfying recreational experiences: The library will provide a current collection with sufficient copies of titles in high demand to ensure customer requests are met quickly. Materials will be offered in the formats and in the languages people want and will be selected primarily on the basis of local demand.



Addresses the needs of people to meet and interact with others in their community and to participate in public discourse about community issues: The library will provide public space for meeting and gathering that is recognized as inviting, neutral, and safe by all individuals and groups in the community.


Local History and Genealogy

Addresses the desire of community residents to know and better understand personal or community heritage: the library will provide a significant collection of materials and other resources that chronicle the history of the community. Family histories and genealogical research tools will be provided and the library will maintain special collections of historical interest including photos and archival materials.


1.3 Library Mission Statement

The mission of the Bastrop Public Library is to provide free and unrestricted access to informational, educational, cultural and recreational library materials and services in a clean, comfortable, secure environment for people of all ages.


1.4 Library Collection Goals

  1. Provide high quality library services that meet the life long learning needs of all ages and cultural groups in Bastrop.
  2. Develop a popular materials collection in all formats that fulfills the intellectual, cultural, and recreational demands of Bastrop residents.
  3. Develop an outstanding collection of historical and genealogical materials that promote and preserve the heritage and cultures of Bastrop City and County.
  4. Improve access to the information and collections of the Library for all Bastrop residents.


1.5 Clientele Served

The library serves the general public. The general public includes but is not limited to casual readers, students, retired persons, Spanish-speaking population, visitors and genealogists.


1.6 Intellectual Freedom Statements

The library adheres to the Democratic principle of free access to library materials for all people in the community - regardless of race, age, sexual orientation or socio-economic status - outlined in documents developed and approved by the American Library Association.


Responsibility of the customer

The library realizes that some materials are controversial and that any given item may offend some customers. While the library staff is available to assist individuals and groups to select material, the ultimate responsibility for the choice of materials lies with the patron.


Responsibility for children's reading

The Bastrop Public Library provides access to its materials to all patrons. Responsibility for children's use of library materials rests with parents and legal guardians. Collection development decisions are not restricted by the possibility that children may obtain materials that their parents consider inappropriate. The Library believes that individuals have the freedom to choose their own reading material and that it is the right and obligation of parents to develop, interpret, and maintain their own values in their family.


The following American Library Association documents are included at the end of this policy:

  • Appendix A - The Library Bill of Rights
  • Appendix B - Freedom to Read Statement
  • Appendix C - Freedom to View Statement
  • Appendix D - Free Access to Materials for Minors


2. Materials Selection

2.1 The Selection Process

Books and other library materials will be selected to meet the stated collection goals in Section 1 of this policy. Considerations include:

  1. User demand
  2. Professional journal reviews
  3. Budget limitations
  4. Space limitations
  5. Appropriate format


Ultimate responsibility for material selection rests with the Director who operates within the framework of policies. All staff members may participate in the selection of Library material.


2.2 Public Requests

A patron may request that a particular item be purchased. Items will be purchased at the director's discretion if they meet the guidelines of the Collection Development Policy and funds are available. A Purchase Request Form is available at the circulation desk.


2.3 Format of Materials

The library collection includes informational, educational and recreational library materials for children and adults, including both English and Spanish-language materials.


The library will collect and maintain materials in a variety of formats. Dependent on user demand, budget constraints, space considerations and suitability, new formats will be periodically added to the collection. Older formats (e.g., phonograph records, filmstrips) will be phased out as user demand declines.


Formats for library materials include but are not limited to:

  1. Books
  2. Magazines
  3. Newspapers
  4. Paperback books
  5. Microforms
  6. Maps
  7. Electronic resources
  8. DVDs
  9. CDs and CD-ROMs
  10. MP3's
  11. eBooks
  12. eAudiobooks


2.4 Criteria for Selection

  1. General selection criteria for library materials include:
    1. appropriateness of the subject matter
    2. purpose of the resource
    3. scope of the resource
    4. intended audience
    5. accuracy
    6. impartiality
    7. depth and breadth of coverage
    8. authority/credibility of the author
    9. authority/credibility of the publisher
    10. currency and timeliness of the material, if applicable
    11. format, including style, aesthetic qualities, technical aspects, physical characteristics and special features
    12. comparison to other resource(s) available for purchase or already in the collection
    13. price
    14. user demand.

  3. An item does not have to meet all of the above criteria in order to be acceptable. Materials, which do not meet these criteria, may be recommended for purchase to satisfy high level of reader interest.

  5. Providing access to the history of Bastrop and Bastrop County and the surrounding area is an important function of the Library. Works by and about local authors, and materials relating to the history of Bastrop and Bastrop County shall be sought, subject to the selection criteria.

  7. Web sites and other Internet resources bookmarked on library computers will be selected based on the following criteria:
    1. accuracy of the content
    2. authority of the author
    3. objectivity
    4. currency of the material, if applicable
    5. depth and breadth of coverage
    6. software or plug-ins needed to view the Web site.

2.5 Special Collections

The library maintains the following special collection(s):

TEXANA - a circulating collection of books, maps, periodicals, CD's and DVD's on the topic of Texas. Materials are added to this collection selectively, based on availability and relevance to the community.

LOCAL HISTORY/GENEALOGY - a noncirculating collection of books, newspapers, microforms, maps, cemetery records, periodicals and reference materials relating to local history and genealogy. Many of the materials in this collection are "one-of-a-kind" and cannot be replaced; therefore, they are available for use in the library only. Books and other materials are added to this collection as they become available for purchase, and through donations of materials in good physical condition that meet the library's criteria for relevance. Bastrop High School Year Books are also maintained but dependent upon receipt from BISD.

YOUNG ADULT - The library selects materials written especially for the young adult audience, ages 13 & up. The materials are selected from reviews and notices of award winning books in this field. These materials may contain topics and issues which are intended for a mature teen audience.

2.6 Limits of the Collection

In consideration of user demand, appropriateness for the collection, budget and space constraints, and other information sources available in the community (e.g., school libraries, community college library, and the Internet), the following types of materials will not be collected or maintained by the library:

  1. Textbooks
  2. Government publications
  3. Technical manuals
  4. Scholarly or professional journals
  5. Subjects for which there is limited demand

3. Other Considerations

3.1 Resource Sharing

Traditional forms of information referral will also be practiced. This includes directing the patron to other agencies that would have the requested information or other libraries that may have information the patron is looking for.

3.2 Library Cooperation

  1. Interlibrary loan provides a service by which library materials are made available from one library to another on a local, state and national level. By this means, the Library attempts to make available materials it does not own or which fall outside the scope of this collection policy. In return, materials from this library's collection are loaned to other libraries for use by their patrons.
  2. The TexShare Card Program allows registered users of participating TexShare libraries to have direct, personal access to library materials not available at their local public or academic libraries. TexShare libraries adopt a common goal of promoting and facilitating access to information, communication, and scholarly research among their communities.
  3. The TexShare Databases allows library patrons in-library and remote access to a wide variety of electronic databases, including articles from thousands of newspapers, magazines, scholarly and professional journals. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission funds this program in part with the Bastrop Public Library.

3.3 Gift Donation and Memorial Policy

The library is pleased to accept gifts and/or memorial gifts from patrons. Gifts are gratefully and willingly accepted as long as no restriction is placed upon their use. Items will be accepted on the basis of their suitability to the library's purposes and needs in accordance with the library's stated materials selection policy. Use or disposal of all gift materials will be determined by the library director or designated staff member. All donated items become the property of Bastrop Public Library. The library has the right to discard any gifts in poor physical condition (e.g., brittle paper, water or mildew damage, torn and/or missing pages).

A gift form is available on request. The staff cannot appraise the value of the donation.

Guidelines for donated materials:

  1.  Receipts are given if the donor asks for one. Donors are responsible for recording donations and estimating the value of the materials. Upon request, the donor will be informed that the material will be used in the collection, placed in the book sale or disposed of as necessary.
  2. Monetary gifts are cash donations. The donor may specify the type material for the library to obtain. The donor should also be asked if funds are intended for books, other materials, equipment, or for other purposes.
  3. Memorials and honorariums are materials or funds donated in the name of an individual. Funds collected for a memorial or honorarium should cover the cost of the material being purchased. If a specific title is donated or requested, the inclusion of the specific item must meet the selection criteria. When specific titles are not requested the library staff will make every effort to obtain a memorial or honorarium title, which has lasting value. A plate designating the memorial or honorarium will be included in or on the material requested or donated.
  4. Presentations are pre-purchased books, usually new, offered by individuals or organizations. Inclusion of specific titles must meet the selection criteria. A plate designating the presentation will be placed in or on the material donated.
  5. Once a donation has been received, a thank you card will be sent to the donor and an announcement card sent to the family of the deceased person being memorialized, the organization or individual making a presentation, or the donor of a monetary gift.

3.4 Weeding and Discarding Policy

  1. The collection is reviewed on an ongoing basis, with the entire collection reviewed every two years.
  2. The Crew Method: Expanded Guidelines for Collection Evaluation and Weeding for Small and Medium-sized Public Libraries is used for the weeding process. The Texas State Library publishes this book.
  3. Generally, if the book or other media has not been borrowed in the last three years for fiction and five years for all other material, the item will be withdrawn. However, each item will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for value to the collection.
  4. After a period of time, a memorial, honorarium, or presentation will be withdrawn due to wear, obsolescence, or loss. In most cases, the material will not be replaced, especially in the case of obsolescence.
  5. Withdrawn items are given to the Friends of the Bastrop Public Library and are either sold or disposed of in an appropriate manner.

Materials are withdrawn from the collection due to wear, damage, dated information, or low demand. These materials are not automatically replaced with the same title, though they may be replaced with a newer title. The decision for replacement is made with regard to several factors:

  1. The demand for the particular title or subject.
  2. The number of duplicate copies in the collection.
  3. The importance of the author and the significance that particular title holds among the author's works.
  4. The availability of better material, already in the collection or in the market.

3.5 Replacement and Duplicates Policy

Wide demand for timely and significant materials will require duplication. Duplicates will be purchased when the director has determined there is significant demand for an item.

3.6 Reconsideration of Library Materials

The Bastrop Public Library is aware that some materials are controversial and may offend certain patrons and recognizes the right of an individual or group to make a complaint about the inclusion of material in the library's collection. The Library welcomes expression of opinion by patrons but will be governed by the Collection Development Policy in making additions to or deleting items from the collection.

Patrons who request the reconsideration of library material will be asked to put their requests in writing by completing and signing a "Request for Reconsideration of Library Material".

Upon receipt of a formal written request, the Director will ask for background information from the Library staff as to criteria used in ordering the material in question, its place in the collection and reasons for having the material in the collection. Outside consultants may be asked for additional information as is pertinent to the subject in question. The Director will, at the earliest possible date, study the information provided by the Library staff and respond, in writing, to the person who initiated the request for reconsideration. The Director will keep the Library Board informed of all requests for reconsideration of Library material and disposition of their requests.

In the event that the person(s) who initiated the request is not satisfied with the decision of the Director, he/she may request a meeting before the Library Board by making a written request. Upon receipt of the request, the Board may make the request an agenda item and the person(s) will be notified of the time and place of the Board meeting. The Library Board reserves the right to limit the length of presentation and number of speakers at the meeting. After hearing from the person(s) making the reconsideration request, the Board will determine whether the request for reconsideration has been handled in accordance with stated policies and procedures of the Bastrop Public Library, will review the background information provided by the Library staff, will review the position of the patron and will also review the decision of the Director. Based on the information presented, the Board may vote to uphold or override the decision of the Director.

3.7 Reevaluation of Collection Development Policy

The Bastrop Public Library Collection Development Policy is reviewed every two years so that it adequately reflects changes in in the library's goals and users' needs. The staff may bring forward issues and recommendations for the director's consideration as part of the amendment process for the policy.

Revised 07/27/15 Library Board approved 08/03/15 City Council approved 08/10/15

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