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Lyle Nelson

Lyle Nelson

A life long Texan, Lyle Nelson chose Bastrop to be his home in 2009. He brings an inclusive representative approach to the Bastrop City Council.

Mr. Nelson has worked in public transportation in various positions and areas across the State of Texas. He currently serves as the Chief of Staff at CARTS and serves as the Chairman of the Capital Area Regional Transportation Coordination Committee and is the Texas State Delegate to the Community Transportation Association of America.

A Veteran of the US Army, Mr. Nelson enjoys being a husband, father and grandfather.

Upon arriving in Bastrop Mr. Nelson became immediately involved with his local homeowners association in which he was honored to serve as president. This involvement prompted him to become involved in the issues that impact the entire city. He announced his candidacy for city council in February of 2017 and was elected in June of the same year.

Mr. Nelson felt the city needed to move forward in a positive result oriented manner combined with representation from across our community. His focus is on infrastructure improvements, open governmental processes and citizen involvement.

His vision for the City is to have citizens and visitors alike to say, “ What a great place!”. He sees the city moving forward in the 21st Century while preserving the unique history and characteristics that makes us who we are.

Lyle has an eclectic list of interests. Reading has always been high on his list as well as sports, both as a viewer and as a participant. He is passionate about family, Texas and his country. He finds humor everywhere and has no problem sharing that humor. He loves the strange combination of history and trivia.


CONTACT: 512-718-5513


The Mission of the City of Bastrop is to continuously strive to provide innovative and proactive services that enhance our authentic way of life to achieve our vision.